Stephen Murray: CCMP Capital’s Lion Goes Quiet

Although being a CEO is one of the most visible jobs available to those in the business world, most CEOs and top executives have a lot more stress around them than the average employee.

Still, it was surprising to all that Stephen Murray CCMP Capital founder recently resigned for health reasons- and even more recently passed away. His tenure at the former Chase and JP Morgan affiliate was beneficial from the time that the company spun off independently more than a decade ago.

Mr. Murray started his career in venture capital, more than 20 years ago, working his way up the ladder until he became an senior executive while the firm was owned by JP Morgan. In many ways the move out of JP Morgan helped him to define CCMP Capital as an independent company. He was offered the top job from the start and helped define and create a new culture for all employees. And although Mr. Murray was serving on the board of several different major companies at the time that he decided to retire, he still found time to contribute his energy as an adviser to Columbia University and several charities. Among those, he probably had the largest impact on the Make-A-Wish foundation- a role in which he served on an advisory council to the charity.

Greg Brenneman will continue as CCMP Capital’s Chairman and take over Stephen Murray’s duties until the firm decides how he will be replaced. At CCMP, Mr. Murray’s legacy is one of creating a strong portfolio of companies that fit into the focus that the company has on promising firms in mature industries. Aramark, AMC Entertaiment, and Quizno’s Sub sandwich chains are among a large group of companies that the firm has been providing financial capital to for the past decade.

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