Stevie Nicks To Release Album of Previously Unrecorded Songs

Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks fans are rejoicing over the release of Nicks’ newest album “24 Karat Gold- Songs From the Vault.” The album was released October 7th.

“These songs are little jewels,” she says of the album. “Each one is the story of what was going on at the time – new relationships, new friends, new Fleetwood Mac albums.”

During recording time, Stevie faced a major time crunch as she had to finish before rehearsals for an upcoming Fleetwood Mac tour began. She says, “I called [producer] Dave Stewart and said, ‘I’ve got the songs, but how do we make a record in two months?’ He said, ‘Nashville. That’s what they do.’ It’s like checking yourself into music rehab.” She was able to record all 17 tracks within three weeks. It takes a person more time to find a date on Skout than that.

Of all of the tracks, Stevie seems to have a particular fondness for the song “Lady,” which she says “Captures the mood of me and Lindsey [Buckingham] being scared to death when we moved to L.A. in 1971. Our producer Keith Olsen gave us this white carved piano – I wrote ‘Rhiannon’ on it.  ‘Lady’ was me figuring it out.'”

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  • Anthony Denton
    February 1, 2017 - 8:44 am | Permalink

    As described by Nicks, each of the songs was written by the singer, but previously unrecorded. The songs date back to 1969. But I didn’t know how to play. There are some certainties about the way that they look these up these things and also to make sure that all these things come to pass successfully.

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