Sussex Healthcare Providing Quality Healthcare To Residents

Sussex healthcare is a company based in Britain it has been in existence since 1985. Its current CEO is Amanda Morgan Taylor who joined the company in 2018. The company started as a small facility but it now has more than 20 facilities with 580beds. It received its ISO certification in 2005. It offers treatments that are related to sensory integration, aromatherapy, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy. The company has a mission which is to provide each resident with the highest quality of care.The company is adding more caregivers to its network. It also has vacancies for physical therapists, nurses and administrative staff. It welcomes qualified caregivers to apply for a position at one of its many homes in the United Kingdom.

However, it will offer full training for individuals who are ambitious and have the right attitude so experience is not necessary. Sussex healthcare chooses caregivers also known as carers carefully. This means it hires people who want to learn about each resident as an individual. Therefore, a requirement of all caregivers is that they have to be friendly, warm and compassionate to the residents. The company looks for creative caregivers who are observant, can give the highest standard of care and can make life better for the residents by suggesting improvements.Caregivers should also work well with family members, residents and other staff members. The leadership team emphasizes on the value of each worker and all workers should understand their contribution to provide quality life for residents. Therefore, the company hires reliable and punctual caregivers.

Caregivers assist residents with daily activities such as bathing, eating, dressing, toileting, walking and grooming.Being paid at competitive rates is one of the biggest benefits for working at Sussex Healthcare. Working as a caregiver on holiday also earns you double the normal rate. Another benefit is for new caregivers after completing training they have compassionate and patient teachers who provide guidance. There are other benefits but this are the most important. The supportive and warm culture is a top reason for seeking employment at Sussex Healthcare. There are plenty of specialty areas to consider for experienced care givers and for new caregivers there is an option to train in a desired specialty.

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