Sweetgreen, providing a healthy lifestyle option to locals

Sweetgreen is a chain of American restaurants that serve healthy, seasonal, and simple food. The restaurant was founded by Nathaniel Ru, and two of his associates Nicolas Jammet, and Jonathan Neman in August 2007. All three founders graduated from the Georgetown University. It is during their campus life that they saw the need of opening easy and fun places to eat healthy food.

They began by having a single restaurant on M Street, Washington DC. They are firm believers in consuming food that is beneficial to the body, this is evident from their slogan “food that fits”. The restaurant chain boasts in having 64 stores in the United States, all in operation as at October 2016, and a total of 1,700 employees.

What makes Sweetgreen stand out from other restaurants in their business model is:

  1. Cooking from scratch: The restaurant sources whole ingredients from suppliers. To ensure the products that they receive are fresh, they get them delivered every morning to their stores. The team is then tasked to prepare the fresh dishes every day. They believe that food has a better taste if fresh ingredients are used and the food is eaten fresh.
  2. Transparent procurement and handling of food: They believe in working with those who are doing the right thing. They do this to ensure the food is fit for human consumption, all their food sources are listed on the wall of their stores. To top this up, the restaurants have open kitchens where customers can watch the food being prepared.
  3. A sustainable society: Sweetgreen prides itself by the steps they take in ensuring they impact the environment and society around them in a positive manner, from the food that they serve, the design of the stores to their waste management program.
  4. Local empowerment: They source their products form local farmers whom they trust and know, where possible. This ensures that they are empowering the locals to continue farming.
  5. The safety of food served: Sweetgreen ensures that all their employees have undergone rigorous training on food handling for safety purposes. On top of this, they always ensure that the food is as fresh as possible before as they serve it.

Nathaniel Ru graduated with a B.S. in finance. He and his partners, in 2010, launched a food and music festival which is now the largest in the region, Sweetlife. This event is able to attract 20,000 attendants and features high profile musicians from this generation.

Apart from serving food for the people in attendance, they also sample food from renowned chefs, local vendors, and even farmers. All this is meant to spread the importance of a good and healthy living for the community. The event is normally labeled as “a party with a purpose’.

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