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The History and Future of End Citizens United

In 2010, Citizens United attempted to keep big money out of politics in the supreme court case of Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission. Unfortunately, the court ruled in favor of the FEC. Five years later, End Citizens United was established to help overturn the ruling and they’ve been fighting that good fight in their Washington DC headquarters ever since. Many people have argued that this particular case has become the modern-day equivalent of such cases as Dred Scott vs. Sanford and Brown vs. Board of Education. Tiffany Muller first founded End Citizens United on March 1, 2015 and she and her team are currently working to raise $35 million in 2018, an amount significantly more than they raised last year.

Another big priority for them at the moment is what they refer to as the Big Money 20, a list of the most corrupt and depraved politicians currently holding public office. Their goal is to ensure these candidates do not win reelection. The list includes such well-known republicans as Dana Rohrbacher, Ted Cruz, and Paul Ryan. Currently, three of the Republicans on that list have already announced their intentions to not seek reelection and, thus, the list has been narrowed down to just 17. Additionally, one of the goals of End Citizens United is to help politicians who are currently looking to end corporate donations to their political campaigns.

They plan to accomplish fundraising goals by November to help Democrats emerge victorious in the impending midterms. Of course, it’s not as if they haven’t made any progress in recent years. In fact, their organization has grown significantly over the years. They currently receive about 380,000 donations per year, they’ve already endorsed approximately 130 political candidates in 2018 alone and their staff has doubled since 2017. In the midterms, they have made it clear that they will only support candidates who share their goals of keeping big corporations from making substantial donations to political campaigns. They currently rely on grassroots donations to help counteract the corporate money funneled into Republicans campaigns.

With more Republicans than ever announcing either their retirement or their intent to not run for reelection, the Democrats seem poised to take back the house, senate and congress in the midterms this year. Hopefully, with a little aid from End Citizens United, they will emerge victorious in these upcoming elections and set the country back on the right track.

End Citizens United’s Social Media: twitter.com/stopbigmoney?lang=en