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End Citizens United Opposes the Grievous Citizens United Ruling

“Anything is permitted” has become a reality and the American campaign finance system. That does not mean the American people must stand for the unjust End Citizens United versus Federal Election Commission ruling. The American people have every right to blast the decision as something that protects the wealthy to have too much influence in our government. The people of this nation may organize against the atrocious decision. One organization made up by the people is the End Citizens United group. They were founded in March 2015 to combat the Citizens United ruling.

The Citizens United ruling happened in 2008. The Federal Election Commission -or FEC- Investigated the Hillary the movie campaign ad this ad was a 90 minute campaign video attacking Hillary Clinton. Citizens United put this video together. The organization refused to say how the ad was paid for. At the time political ads needed to identify who funded them. Initially the FEC won the case after Citizens United attempted to sue them. Later the Supreme Court shockingly ruled in favor of Citizens United by extending First Amendment free speech rights to corporations.

The Citizens United ruling gave the Republican Party an advantage as the party has numerous corporate owner supporters. The Waltons (they own 50% of Walmart), Koch brothers, and the divorce family are longtime supporters of the Republican Party and with the Citizens United decision their donations are capable of being hidden away from the public eye and protected as free speech.

The ACLU, the League of Women Voters, and End Citizens United out of their voices in opposition to the Citizens United decision. End citizens United was founded in 2015 and headquartered in Washington DC. The organization has always been open in its goals. In the first place, End Citizens United seeks to raise grassroots donations to counter the money from corporations hiding behind Citizens United. The money raised by ECU is given to Democrat candidate campaigns to improve the likelihood of them winning. The candidate given donations raised by End Citizens United must also be for pushing to reform the campaign finance system in this country. Of course, the main goal of ECU is to see through a constitutional amendment that clearly protects freedom of speech to citizens and not to corporations.

Contact End Citizens United: thehill.com/social-tags/end-citizens-united