The Amazing and Ongoing Success of Securus Technologies

In our modern day and age, it is becoming easier to use technology to help solve and prevent crimes. Securus Technologies is a company that has been dedicated to helping law enforcement agencies obtain the information they need in order to solve and prevent crimes. One of the biggest issues in law enforcement today is the instance of inmate-on-inmate crime. Securus has developed tools that will help prevent these crimes from happening in the future. The technology that Securus provides to correctional facilities doesn’t just protect inmates from other inmates. There are many instances where the phone call records that Securus provides has helped inmates when staff members are treating them inappropriately.


Providing inmates with quality phone services is how Securus built their reputation. However, Securus never imagined that their phone call monitoring feature provided in their technology would become so valuable to inmates and their families. There have been many times where these phone records have led to the arrest of inmates who are threatening the safety of a loved one behind bars. These phone monitoring services protect inmates behind bars more effectively than correctional officers can. Inmate-on-inmate crime has declined greatly since the technology that Securus provides has been used on a wide scale.


With nearly 3,500 correctional facilities across the United States being serviced by Securus Technologies, it is easy to predict that the future for this company is very bright. Over 1,200,000 inmates have had their lives improved by the communication services provided by Securus. Securus is working each day to make the world a much safer and happier place.


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