The Future Of The Relationship Between Technology And Fashion

There is a brighter future for both fashion and technology industries. Fashion designers are focusing on using technology to enhance the lives of the people. Airbag for Cyclists is one of the innovative products that will be useful to many cyclists in the near future. The airbag is designed to deploy when one is involved in an accident. It seeks to protect the head and neck of a cyclist. Its use could help reduce the number of injuries and casualties resulting from bicycle-related accidents. Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin are the brains behind the product.

Frontline Gloves are also expected to revolutionize how firefighters communicate. The product, designed by Ashwin Rajan and Kevin Cannon, seeks to allow firefighters to share valuable information with each other through simple hand gestures. Such information may include ‘when to leave a building,’ ‘everything is okay,’ and ‘call for support.’ This way, it is easy to coordinate a rescue mission.

New trends in fashion have encouraged recycling of materials. Since the manufacture of clothes contributes significantly to environmental degradation, fashion designers are aiming to reverse this harmful behavior. SegraSegra, who makes t-shirts and jackets from recycled inner tubes of bicycles, made the first successful attempt towards this revolutionary approach. Emma Whiteside has also contributed to the field by designing a gown from a recycled radiator copper.

Generation of electricity from motion has also been an interesting topic to designers. Fashion experts are designing clothes that can convert kinetic energy to electricity. The resulting energy can be used to power mp3, phones, and watches. In addition, innovators have designed shoes that can charge a phone or any device when one is running or walking.

About Chris Burch

Christ Burch is the founder of Burch Creative Capital. The CEO has provided transformative leadership at the venture capital company. Through the firm, Chris has been able to provide many entrepreneurs with operating capital and insightful advice on how to run their businesses. To this end, the company has continued to enjoy impressive growth and improved profitability margins.

Chris Burch has over 40 years of experience in the fields of entrepreneurship and investment. He is also a fashion icon who has written dozens of articles on fashion and trends. Over the years, Chris has invested in the real estate industry. He is affiliated with some of the luxury homes in Florida and Palm Beach. Burch was the proprietor of C. Wonder. Through his transformative leadership, the company made huge profits and attracted a large client base. However, he sold the apparel, accessories and home décor business.

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