The Innovation of Dog Food Creators

The first time I heard of carrots and fruits as ingredients in dog food I was a little bit dazed. I tried to imagine how I could possibly have a dog food that contained vegetables, meats and fruits. This seemed unreal, but that was the beginning of my Beneful experience. It was the brand that somehow changed everything in premium dog food. I found myself reaching for more of this wholesome food the next time I went to the pet food store. I saw that Purinastore’s Beneful was the premium brand that I was looking for. It has become one of the most popular dog foods for my pit bulls, but this is just a beginning of the premium dog foods.

The floodgates have opened and a lot of other dog food brands are gaining popularity these days. There are some other exciting brands like Pedigree that are entering the market. There are other some brands like Pro Plan. This is actually another one of the Purina brands in addition to the Beneful brand that I buy.

I think that much of the innovation is part of the technology that is on the market. Most people would agree that adding fruit and vegetables was a risk, but it was one that Beneful was willing to take. It is like having a brand that continues to grow and expand because there are risk takers that have the ability to make great decisions for healthy food. I like what the company has done, and I think that all of this is a testament of the tireless developers behind these awesome foods. Beneful has double digit brand names, and the list continues to grow.

Some dog food is canned. The other foods come in bags. I have some dogs that are ferocious eaters so I skip a lot of the canned foods and go straight for the Beneful Originals that is in a big bag. I buy both the chicken and the beef, and my dogs seem to love it. This company makes it easy for customers to pick multiple varieties with different ingredients.


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