The Look, The Voice and The Magic Feet That Belong to MJ Impersonator Sergio Cortes

Sergio Cortes is the most successful MJ impersonator of all time. The crowd is screaming and as he gets ready to go on stage he can feel it right in his very soul. The dreams he had for years have actually come true. After watching, imitating, singing,and dancing till his feet hurt he has finally found his way. He has everything Michael had at one point. The fans, the vibe in each and every stadium that he performs in reminds him of his hero, the one he brought this immensely perfect feeling into view.

He had no idea that it was going to feel like this, but it does. He puts himself in a place where he can feel the electric that courses through his veins. There is no struggling, no nerves and no throwing up like many do before going on stage. Instead Sergio Cortes is in his element and it is not just a little bit, he has channeled Michael Jackson the King of Pop.

When he is getting ready in his dressing room, the thoughts go through his head. The ideas of wonder are that of Michael. He is wondering if this is how Michael felt as he got ready to go on stage.

It does not matter whether the way he felt is the way his idol felt or not. In fact it does not matter. What matters more than anything is that he was about to pull out everything he could and that is the only thing that his fans could ask for. It was in the ability to be safe that he could be himself and in being himself he became Michael Jackson. It was something that no one else could be or understand. It was important for him as he needed to become MJ. He is able to do it better than anyone else he has ever known.

The important part of becoming Michael is not in the screaming of the crowd or the fans. It is not in the way a person assumes they should act a certain way. It is found in the ability to know himself, to know that he has become Michael Jackson and as well as he personally knows that he has gone into that concert and performed his heart out. It is in that where he knows that he is doing everything he can and Michael would be proud.

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