The Lung Institute Is Treating Chronic Conditions with a New Type of Stem Cell Therapy

Medical breakthroughs are far rarer than many people suspect. There’s obviously a continual chain of scientific discoveries. But direct and successful application of those discoveries to cure existing medical conditions is a rare and wonderful event. It’s big news when they happen because whole groups of people suddenly have a chance at a pain free life. One of the most recent examples of this is helping people suffering from chronic lung conditions.

The Lung Institute has managed to take the idea of stem cells and use them in a unique way. Stem cells are one of the basic cellular building blocks within the human body. They can be thought of as the basic bricks which are used to create structures in the body. A real brick can end up as part of a small building or a huge towering structure. Likewise, stem cells can differentiate themselves into part of one’s skin, hair, liver, lungs or almost anything else.

The biggest breakthrough made by the Lung Institute comes from the creation of stem cell based medicine and the methods used to get it into the patient’s lungs. The process begins by using a patient’s own blood or bone marrow to generate the medicine. The result is a stem cell based medicine that’s uniquely tied to the patient’s own biology. The end effect is medicine that the body recognizes as a part of itself. There’s no chance of rejection or the body trying to get rid of the medicine before it has a chance to work. Instead, the experts at the Lung Institute have devised a way to shuttle the stem cells into the lungs through the patient’s circulatory system. Again, this is possible in large part due to the fact that the medicine is seen as a natural part of the patient’s body. The circulatory system treats it as it would any other native cell.

This unique method of administration ensures that the stem cells will quickly arrive right where they need to be. From here the expertise of the Lung Institute continues to show itself. Patients will receive individualized care and attention as the stem cells begin to work. And the results are just as impressive as the treatment suggests. People who were struggling with the basics of life have been able to fully enjoy the world again. The stem cell therapy isn’t just repairing damaged lungs. It’s also allowing people to rediscover some of the most enjoyable and cherished aspects of their lives.  For updates visit the Lung Institute’s Facebook page and website at

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