The Mortgage Genius Todd Lubar

In the insurance and banking world, it is suggested that there is not a single fiscal problem that exists without a product for it. For years, Todd Lubar, the mortgage banking genius, has been ranked among the top 25 mortgage banking pioneers in the US. Currently, he is the CEO and President of TDL Global Ventures, a business accelerator company that advances credit to profitable startups to jumpstart their operations, and Senior Vice President of Legendary Investments, a commercial and residential property management establishment.


How he does it


His exceptional leadership and experience at Legendary sharpened and improved his mortgage banking skills and insightful eye for creating great mortgage products. He is a practical man and uses personal experiences to drive his business agenda. Being a family man himself, he understands the needs of most homeowners. His skills and experience in the mortgage industry empowered him to lay bare the related financing infrastructure involved and make it easy to own a great home without breaking the bank.


The mortgage industry went through a lot of changes especially in the lead up to and just after the financial crisis. Those who understand the industry intimately like Mr. Lubar were able to come up with products that survived the crisis and enabled owners to keep their homes. Being a Speech Communication graduate, he takes his time to understand client intricacies before developing the perfect mortgage financing products that work for them.


In addition, he is a former Senior VP at Priority Financial Services, a niche mortgage services provider targeting buyers with less than perfect credit ratings. By changing the evaluation criteria and making more relevant buyer observations and predictions, he reconstituted the mortgage formula to create a product that covers those who would find difficulty getting direct services from mainstream lenders.


Working pillars


Described as a good-hearted family man, Mr. Lubar inherently believes there is an affordable home for every hard working family. He takes the time to understand challenging individual financial experiences from his clients. Mortgage banking is normally a difficult topic for many non-financial people to understand. Follow Mr. Lubar, and you will start to see the breakdown, the sense and value in the transactions he processes.


Mr. Lubar also has huge investment interests in other industries including commercial demolition, night clubs, scrap metal recycling and real estate development.

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