The Music Journey of Cassio Audi

Many people become musicians hence gaining the title of a celebrity. One of the most renowned award-winning musicians is Cassio Audi. Cassio Audi was born in 1971 in Sao Paulo. He graduated from Pontificial Catholic University with a degree in Business administration. He is a music legend from Brazil. He was one of the founders of a rock music band called Viper in 1985.
Cassio was the last to form the band which was inclusive of two brothers, their roommates, a neighbour and him. Despite Cascio Audi having a music talent, he was given the role of a drummist in the band. He is known to have discipline and commitment, a factor that led to the groups’ success. The band specialized in genres like Heavy metal, power and thrash metal and alternative rock.
Casio Audi and his band were inspired by Maiden Iron, and this made them love heavy metal. The band realized their Demo album called the Killera Sword which was recorded in 1985.The album included songs like Sign of the Night, Killera Princess from Hell and Nightmare. Casio Audi Together with the band recorded Soldiers of sunrise in 1987.The track had songs like Nightmares and the title song Soldiers of Sunrise.
Their music as a band was in magazines like Metal Forces, Kerrang, and Metal hammer. They also made another album called Theatre of Fate 1989. Their music popular because of mixing with metal genre. This saw them beat the famous charts musicians like Nivarna. Cassio led to the opening of the recording stage. Cassio Audi left his music career in 1989.

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