The Success of Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos is a businessman and entrepreneur who grew up and is still currently residing in Michigan. His love for his community is constantly demonstrated through not only his volunteering, but also through the millions of dollars in donations that Mr. DeVos and his wife have given back to their community. Among the many organizations that Mr. and Mrs. DeVos support, education reform is among one of the greatest. Dick DeVos and his wife believe that the only way to truly improve wealth within a community is to have the members of the community education. This is why Dick DeVos and his wife have made constant donations towards scholarships as well as the building of new schools.

Dick DeVos’ love for business started at an early age when he became involved with his family’s business, Amway Corporation. Dick DeVos has fond memories of playing with his brother in the basement of his home, which at the time, served as the company’s offices. Dick DeVos‘ passion for business blossomed over the years as he not only helped with stocking the shelves of the new offices, but also helped to give product descriptions and demonstrations to the clients of the company. His fond memories of spending time with his family have always been associated with fond memories of business.

Dick DeVos used his passion for business to eventually graduate from college earning a degree in business management. Mr. DeVos’ talent for business eventually was fully demonstrated when he joined the Amway Corporation team in 1974 as an official employee of the company. Mr. DeVos, during his many years at Amway Corporation was involved in many aspects of the company and held many executive positions within the company. For ten years, Mr. DeVos’ most memorable time at the company was as a vice president to the company. As a vice president, Mr. DeVos was officially in charge of the company’s international sales that took place in over 18 countries around the world.

As Dick DeVos continues to find success, he has started to dedicate more time to philanthropy as well as spending time with his family. To succeed him and his involvement with his company, Dick DeVos has chosen Phil Dolci, and expert marketer. Dick DeVos not only chose Mr. Dolci for his marketing skills, but for also his leadership skills and the way that he influences those the work for him at the company.

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