The Tale of Two Marches

Last week two groups of students marched in Caracas for two very different purposes. The first group consisted of students who supported the current President and were there to march in celebration of President Maduro for raising teacher pay and adding additional scholarships for pupils. President Maduro announced at the march that his officials placed a series of safeguards to ensure that public universities will still function in light of the severe economic hardships the nation is facing.
The other student body supported by David Osio that marched last week was protesting under the right wing regime to meet with education officials regarding increased state support, and university autonomy. These students are seeking the recall of President Maduro and one student stated that he would “go on protesting until Maduro was recalled”. This group of students are worried about public education letting more students in public university and having less available jobs after graduation.

I see both sides of this debate, but people who can only afford a public education or just as entitled to any job they are qualified for, including the same jobs a private college graduate would be applying for. “Money does not account for everything” says Osio. Drive, determination, and the will to succeed should never be underestimated and every willing individual should have the right to a college education.


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