The Wine Mecca That Is Napa Valley

Mention the words Napa Valley to a wine enthusiast and watch their eyes light up and a huge smile takes over their face! This wine Mecca is the holy grail of domestic wine production and a beloved travel destination for many. The good folks over at Traveling Vineyards definitely know wine and when their guides offer some great advice on how best to visit Napa Valley, it is a good idea to listen!

The Traveling Vineyard wine guides are known for their enthusiasm for all things wine related, and Napa Valley certainly isn’t any different. Their tips include some off-the-beaten-path outings to olive groves and museums, but wine is never too far away, especially in this locale.

The Traveling Vineyard business model is based primarily on loving wine and having fun. There is a very low threshold to join and the company does quite a lot to help its guides succeed. This direct sales opportunity combines wine tastings with socializing with friends and throws in a little bit of knowledge for those who want to learn more about the wine that they love. Additionally, the company offers a lot of fun accessories that are unique to the wine market, such as poolside floating wine glasses.

The social media accounts of the Traveling Vineyard really tell the story, and they are full of posts from their guides showing the fun that they are having. Traveling Vineyard encourages fun while giving the guides a good income opportunity and connecting them with like-minded people at the same time. Part of the wine tastings includes tasting notes that teach participants more about the grapes used and the process of winemaking. Food pairing suggestions are another way that guides add value to the wine tasting events, and pass on a lot of usable information to their clients. Wine enthusiasts no longer need to feel intimidated by the complexities of wine, and the knowledge that they gain from their Traveling Vineyard guide can help to enhance the wine drinking experience for them. This business model provides a winning formula for both the guides and their clients.

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