Tony Petrello: Sharing His Wealth To Improve People’s Quality Of Life

Nabors Industries CEO Tony Petrello has long earned a reputation as a genius-level mathematician, a talented attorney and an excellent CEO. What many people don’t know is Tony Petrello is also a caring, generous philanthropist. He has given vast amounts to a wide range of charitable causes and organizations. Tony Petrello is from a working class neighborhood in Newark, New Jersey and understands how it feels to need support. So, now that he is financially secure, he makes it a point to give as much as he can to whomever he can to improve the quality of their lives.

One of the largest charitable donations Tony Petrello has ever given was to the Texas Children’s Hospital. When Carena his daughter was diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia at birth, he gave $7 million to the hospital to help them build a facility for the research and treatment of children with neurological issues. Anthony Petrello also made a commitment to assist Texas Children’s Hospital in their quest to raise the several hundred million dollars more it took to build, equip and staff the world-class facility the hospital built which is called Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute.

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The death of Yale mathematics professor Serge Lang was another instance Tony Petrello showed his caring, generous side. Petrello had studied under Professor Lang while at Yale pursuing both his bachelor’s degree and his master’s. Plus, Serge Lang had been something of a mentor for Tony Petrello. He saw Petrello as a talented young mathematician who complemented his natural talent with a willingness to put in the hard work necessary to be great. Tony Petrello put up $150,000 to establish a scholarship in Professor Lang’s name. He also committed another $150,000 to serve as a matching fund for the donations of other alumni.

Tony Petrello also gave generously to help people rebuild their lives when Hurricane Harvey hit the Houston, Texas area in 2017. First, Petrello and Nabors Industries gave some of their workers paid vacation time so they could take part in the efforts to help hurricane survivors and begin to rebuild Houston. The company also provided 3 hot meals a day for tens of thousands of relief workers and people who lost their homes because of the hurricane. Tony Petrello also donated $175,000 and matched the $173,622 the employees gave through the Nabors Disaster Relief Fund to help with Hurricane Harvey clean-up efforts.

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