U2 and Still Going Strong on Songs of Innocence

Iconic rock band U2 recently released their new hit album “Songs of Innocence” it was released for free on iTunes and there was some controversy in Mashable surrounding the fact that the album automatically downloaded to on iPhones, though my friend Brian Torchin didn’t ever receive the album.

Bono, lead singer of U2, did not know that the album would automatically downloaded to peoples’ devices and states in an interview in Rolling Stone magazine that “It’s a gross invasion.” and “Kind of an accident…” The band’s long-term goals include another album and a tour.

The band has been highly inspired lately and intends to follow-up on “Songs of Innocence” with second album called “Songs of Experience” with a tentative release date of about 18 months time. “Songs of Innocence” focuses mainly on the theme of intimacy. And the song Iris (Hold Me Close) was written in tribute to his mother who had passed away.

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