Under George Soros’ guidance, progressives are winning local races across nation

The reformation of the U.S. criminal justice system has been one of the left’s primary goals throughout the entire history of the United States. The vast disparities in incarceration rates of minorities and rates at which they are charged with crimes has been an issue of contention throughout the entire period since the Reconstruction era. One man, George Soros, has decided to step up to the plate and do something about this long-standing progressive goal that has never seen real progress. Know more about George Soros on CNBC.

Through his main philanthropic vehicle, The Open Society Foundations, George Soros is heavily investing in prosecutorial races across the southern United States. The strategy is to replace conservatives with progressive-minded prosecutors, who can then reshape the criminal justice system from the ground up. Soros has long known that in the U.S. court system, the person who has the most power is the prosecutor. This stems from a number of characteristics unique to the U.S. criminal justice system. The most important of these is the fact that the prosecutor wields the power of the plea bargain, whereby they can compel defendants to plead to lesser charges than those which they’re charged with, in order to expedite the process of dispensing with criminal cases.

Soros’ idea is that by replacing old time and hardline conservative prosecutors with more progressive minded folks, the incredibly powerful tool of the plea bargain can be used to radically diminish the number of minorities who are sent to prison each year. So far, the strategy is proving to be a phenomenal success.

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In the state of Florida, Soros contributed more than $1 million to the campaign of Aramis Ayala. Miss Ayala was running against then incumbent Jeff Ashton for the Orange County, Florida district attorney’s office. However, Miss Ayala was a newcomer to the political scene. With virtually no cash to fund her campaign, she stood little chance against the well-funded and popular incumbent Ashton.

But Soros’ donation completely turned the tables. Ayala was able to run almost 24/7 television advertisements and was able to convince the city’s many minorities to come out and vote for the progressive candidate. In a landslide, Ayala unseated her opponent, becoming the first African American female prosecutor in the history of the state of Florida. Learn more about this article at washingtontimes.com.

Soros enjoyed similar success with his backing of another liberal candidate, Scott Colom. This time, the battle took place in the state of Mississippi. Deep in the center of the state, in Columbus, Scott Colom was running against another entrenched conservative opponent. Like Miss Ayala, he was able to unseat him through the largest of George Soros multibillion-dollar philanthropic organization, The Open Society Foundations.

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