Using Inventive Strategies Tony Petrello’s Leadership Triumphs for Nabors Industries Stakeholders

Tony Petrello assumed the role as Chief Executive Officer for Nabors Industries in 1992, during a time when the oil and gas market was at its most-challenging. With Tony’s inventive leadership, Nabors Industries was able to sustain financial stability and pivot stakeholders in the direction of great future growth.

Nabor Industries is now well-known and predominately chosen for being the most creative provider for off-shore drilling in the oil and gas market. The company has created innovative technologies that competitors find very hard to match, which allows for a wider market share of an enormously lucrative industry.

Tony’s leadership has broadened the company’s vision, which permitted a greater amount of workforce inventiveness to increase productivity with off-shore drilling. He introduced new standards for operational measurements using smart technology with drilling and increased the capacity with 100 percent utilization in 2016, while using SmartRigs. With increased productivity, Tony’s executive decision, along with his team, positioned Nabor Industries in profiting over $5 billion for three consecutive years.

In the last fiscal year, Nabor Industries earned $2.23 billion net income with market capitalization of $2.51 billion and market trading shares at $8.11 million. As CEO, Tony’s total compensation package was $27.5 million, which included $16.8 million in company stock options.

While Tony is well-deserving of being one of North America’s highest paid CEO’s, he is more-known as a philanthropist within the state of Texas. He currently serves on the Board of Trustees for Texas Children’s Hospital, a nationally known non-profit organization providing care for children who are suffering from neurological disorders.

Tony and is wife Cynthia have a daughter that was born with a neurological disease and became heavily involved in supporting the hospital to provide children better treatment as well as emotional support for their families. Through their financial support totaling $7 million, Texas Children’s Hospital now has a new state-of-the-art Neurological Center.

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