Victoria Doramus And Her Struggle With Her Addictions

In 2011, Victoria Doramus, a creative marketer, was 26-years-old and addicted to both Adderall and cocaine, so she went through a rehab program in Tucson, Arizona to get sober. She left the facility feeling like she had been cured, but once she returned to her normal life in Los Angeles, she soon started using again. Looking back now, Victoria Doramus feels that her first attempt at beating her addictions failed because she did not understand at the time that she was involved in a lifelong struggle and that she wasn’t “cured” when she left rehab.

By 2016, after years of moving from place to place and abusing drugs, Victoria Doramus found herself broke and friendless in New York City. Then things got even worse; she was arrested. Once again, she went to rehab. This time, it was in a no-nonsense facility in Austin, Texas, where she was required to do manual labor such as scraping the paint off fences in the morning and attend meetings in the afternoons and evenings.

At this point, Victoria Doramus felt like she had finally had the tools she needed to stay clean and sober, and she was eventually released to a halfway house in Dallas. To earn a living, she waited tables – a new experience for her – and, after months of work, was able to save up enough money to start visiting old family and friends and begin making amends for the damage she had done during her using years.

Today, Victoria Doramus plans to start a halfway house and recovery center of her own in New York City to share the lessons she has learned about recovery with others. She is also considering publishing a book about her experiences. She feels that, ultimately, anyone can beat their addictions and that there is always hope. See the latest pins from Victoria on Pinterest.

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