Vijay Eswaran Helps People Overcome Lack, Embrace Change And Thrive

The only difference between multimillionaire Vijay Eswaran and the millions of people worldwide struggling to make ends meet is their personal philosophy, mindset and worldview. While many people look at the world and see challenges, lack and failure, Vijay Eswaran sees opportunity, an unlimited supply and success. Many knowledgeable people say those differences in mindsets and views of the world is why some people succeed against all odds, while others find themselves eking out a meager, joyless existence with no hope, plan or vison for enjoying the bright, prosperous, glorious future that could be theirs.

Throughout his life Vijay Eswaran has been a visionary. Forced to dig ditches and pick grapes to survive while in college, he did it knowing it was a stepping stone to his prosperous future. While others saw network marketing as a waste of time, he learned its principles so he could apply them when the opportunity arose. When others saw the Asian economic crisis as a reason not to go into business, Vijay Eswaran saw billions of people who wanted quality products at affordable prices. So in 1998, he co-founded the QI Group confident there was a vast, lucrative market for the products he offered.

Vijay Eswaran’s vision became a reality. Millions of people bought products from the QI Group while companies all around them struggled and failed. The QI Group’s independent marketing representatives shared Vijay Eswaran’s vision of prosperity and success and their reality matched the goal they were working towards. Many of those who shared Eswaran’s vision, methods and success were not highly educated. But they did have faith in the success of their mission, belief in their plan of action and a willingness to go into large cities and remote villages to allow people to buy their products.

The principles that make up Vijay Eswaran’s personal and business philosophy are put forth in the many books and articles he has written. They deal with creating a success mindset, a clear vision of your goals, using fear as a motivator and embracing change. Those principles have helped many people overcome lack and thrive.

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