WEN by Chaz Proves To Blogger That Big Shampoo Lathers Mean Zero

Emily McClure has been fighting her fine, thin, frizzy locks for a very long time now. Like many of us, she struggles with her hair, hoping that the major suds action will produce volume and manageability. However, these sulfates present in store shampoos and conditioners are only weakening hair strands.

Emily decided to try the no lather shampoo system and see if she could create red carpet hair. She chose Wen hair by Chaz for a 7-day test and reported her results to Bustle.com. She even posted hair selfies to show her progress.

WEN by Chaz is all about the pureness of botanical blends that nourish and offer strength and shine to hair of any type. Creator Chaz Dean removed the nasty chemicals and developed amazing cleansing conditioners that act like shampoos, conditioners, de-tanglers and deep conditioners. His rich formulas are addictive, and as a famous celebrity stylist, he knows plenty about hair structure and hair health.

Emily chose the FIG cleansing conditioner for extra moisture, and it was an excellent choice. The formula added volume, gloss and smoothness to her tresses, as she embarked on a daily WEN hair wash.

Emily noted that when she blow-dried and used her styling tools, then the WEN by Chaz effects were even more amazing. Her friends noticed immediately that Emily had “new” hair. They were blown away by the shine and texture. Emily’s selfies were the “proof in the pudding,” and she enjoyed receiving compliments.

To get the ultimate WEN by Chaz experience, Emily advises to always wash daily. That routine worked well for her. Perhaps most importantly, Emily learned that time and effort is key when using WEN by Chaz. For updates visit wenhaircare.com and follow Wen hair on twitter.


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  • Anthony Denton
    November 1, 2016 - 3:16 am | Permalink

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