Wengie: Creative With Beauty And Life

One thing that people have to face is that sometimes, life is filled with plenty of inconveniences. However, this does not mean that one has to tough it out all the way. There are ways to make things a bit easier for one as he or she goes on with her day. One person who has come up with easy solutions to some problems is Wengie. She is someone who is very passionate about fashion and beauty. She herself runs her channels with honesty. She is also very dedicated to making sure that she has a new video up everyday.


Among the activities that she likes is buying new clothes that look good. However, there is one issue that people are often faced with. The newer clothes tend to start looking old. This is especially true of those that have color. Fortunately, Wengie has come up with a solution to keep the clothes looking new. One of the reasons some clothes tend to start looking old is because they gain lint. Therefore, one can take lint remover or a shaver and just brush off the lint. This actually turns out to be really effective at preserving or even restoring the newness of the clothes.


Wengie is someone who is quite a contrast to her mother. Her mother does not really pay much attention to fashion and beauty. However, Wengie takes the time to bring out her best look because that is what makes her feel good. Therefore, she wants to make sure that she not only comes up with a good look, but a look that is very unique to her. One thing that she believes in when it comes to fashion and make up is self expression. People should be allowed to express who they are through fashion and not worry about conforming to rigid standards of beauty.




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