What Does Martin Lustgarten Expect for Investment Banking in 2017?

The year of 2017 could be a time for change for investment banking. Some of the past plans might be reaching the end of their life cycle. What does Florida investment expert Martin Lustgarten think his clients should expect from investment banking in 2017?


“Spark Increased Production”

There have been a couple of conflicting signs for economic production worldwide. The IMF World Economic Outlook (WEO) has mentioned “subdued global growth,” but sticks by its prediction for rates of 3.1% for 2016 and 3.4% for 2017. A few nations, such as Brazil are already experiencing recessions.

The Baltic Dry Index coincident economic indicator hit a record low in February 2016, but recovered thereafter. There are reports of fewer containers being transported in some regions. The drop of the crude oil price, also suggests reduced economic production.

Thus, investment banking should concentrate on “increasing production globally.” Before corporations and governments can increase revenue, they must ensure that the underlying productive forces are successful. How can investment banking spark production?


“Maintain Capital Flow”

Some startups are being warned that future “venture capital rounds” might not be forthcoming. The goal of many companies is to cut costs. Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse are firing tens of thousands of jobs. The fat is being trimmed.

“Cash is king” and the businesses which maintain this maxim can increase their production. There are whispers of “recession” in certain circles for 2017, but the goal has been to prevent the drastic collapse of 2008. What has been learned since then?


“What time is it?”

Investment expert Martin Lustgarten is a collector of fine Swiss watches. He understands the value of precision, engineering and longevity. These are all key factors of production.

Globally, nations are becoming a bit more parochial and concentrating on the bottom line. The top investment bankers, like Martin Lustgarten, will emphasize “profitability.” How can your organization stand the test of time? 2017 should be interesting as the bulls battle the bears for supremacy.

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