Who is Marc Sparks?

It can be hard to 100 percent describe the workhorse that is Marc Sparks. He is truly an unapologetic workaholic that seems to be unfamiliar with the words rest and stationary. Sparks is the founder of private equity firm Timber Creek Capital.

He is an entrepreneur other successful and up and coming entrepreneurs aspire to be like in the industry. Something Sparks embraces and takes great pride in. For one to really understand how hard this guy works and why he does it nonstop you have to first know his humble background and beginnings.

As a high school student, Sparks was far from being voted most likely to succeed by his peers. In fact, I’m willing to bet many of them thought him more likely to become a failure since he was just an average student with average grades. What those individuals didn’t take into consideration was the inner drive that Sparks had to make something of himself.

Since he was an average student in high school Sparks came to the conclusion that college most likely wasn’t for him. Despite this, he confidently set out to become a successful entrepreneur with no higher form of education or formal training.

Most of what he learned early on was through trial and error. There were plenty of mistakes and setbacks in the beginning but Sparks never gave up on himself. He kept moving forward knowing deep down inside he had what it took to become a successful entrepreneur.

He goes into deep details about his time as a struggling entrepreneur in his bookThey Can’t Eat You.Though it was difficult for him to write he knew his story could be an inspiration to someone who may be in a similar predicament to his years ago who might be thinking about giving up on themselves and their dreams. He also gives helpful advice and tips to aspiring entrepreneurs in the book.

Marc Sparks has had his hand in the development of many successful businesses and start ups throughout his long career. Sparks is always looking for the next big thing.

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