Why Every Low-income Students Needs Rocketship Education

Most of the elementary schools available do not cater for children with special needs. The few that do, only a few people can afford them. This makes it hard for low-income earners to educate their kids in such schools. Rocketship is a non-profit organization with a network of public elementary schools. The organization aims to serve the low-income students in areas where there is limited access to excellent schools.

Teaching Staff

Rocketship trains the teachers first to ensure that the students take full advantage and they benefit from the project; they enroll teachers from different training background train them and ensure that they are capable of handling all the students with the unique needs. The network of charter schools combines the traditional mode of teaching with technology. This has helped many students to learn and understand the syllabus. The teachers training equips them with skills to handle students and goes with their pace.

System of Education

Rocketship founders understood that every student has a special set of needs and they required different attention from others. This encouraged the team developing the teaching method to partially do away with the old teaching method and incorporate technology during their teaching. The students at Rocketship Network of Charter Schools use a software design to teach them while a teacher is available to provide explanations and assist students whenever they are stuck.

Parents Engagement

Unlike most of the education systems, Rocketship engages parents in the teaching. Since inception, Rocketship has been working with parents. They have been teaching them on how to be a role model to their children, help them with homework and on leadership skills. The move has assisted in eliminating the gap of achievement.


Rocketship Network of Charter schools has benefited thousands of low-income students in California, USA. The network is growing daily and has been beneficial not just to the only student but to their parents. If more students can access such a system of education, the world would be entirely transformed to a better place with better leaders.


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